Sunday, January 1, 2012

to 2012!

We are looking forward to peering, at a distance, at Julie Torres's show at the Riverside Art Museum!  Titled Close Encounters, opens January 5 through April 5, 2012!  Today it's off to Norte Maar and Storefront Bushwick.

I love the ever changing scene in Bushwick and am happy to participate.  Later this week I'll be attending Narrative Ability curated by Carl Gunhouse (great name) at Camel Art Space.  Camel Art Space is the real deal, an artist-run space open to ideas and pushing boundaries.

In the meantime, we are watching the progress of Michael Heizer's Levitated Mass.  You can do it!  All of you can do it in 2012 and beyond! (And yes I gave to wikipedia's annual request for funds!)  I support thinking in a 99% kind of way 100%!

Fireworks, Troy, NY 2010 - Carl Gunhouse, copyright, all rights reserved.


obsart said...

Hi, for further details about Levitated Mass, please visit our blog:
Happy new year!

Sarah Schmerler said...

Thank you, thank you, Austin, for coming by!!
-Sarah S.

Sarah Schmerler said...

Thank you so much for coming by, Austin!!!
Sarah S. (@Norte Maar)