Monday, January 23, 2012

back in business

I need to get this post done or else I will have been back for a week and won't get to announce that I'm "back home" in New York.  I bought 3 new sketchbooks and am out and about and drawing but I want to take this moment and look back over a few things from the past week in DC.  DC is an amazing city, and I was so inspired, in particular by 2 artists who have made DC their home.

One: Linn Meyers.  She is amazing and I hope this conversation continues!  Below are few pictures from a "studio evening with Linn Meyers, moderated by Lisa Gold from the Washington Project for the Arts":

Linn's studio

Linn's drawings above.

Linn and Lisa Gold talking...

the curls of this guy's hair and the wrinkles in his neck reminded me of Linn's work.  It was all coming together, a moment in time...And then at the end another guy apologized for spilling water and I thought, well of course you did.   It was a spiritual experience.

Artist of inspiration # two: Maggie Michael, she continues to inspire me, and she did it again on Saturday when she spoke about her mural project where she collaborated with 12 other Romanian artists at the American Embassy in Bucharest.

More to come.

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