Sunday, December 26, 2010

Established Ideas


Snowy Sunday night in the studio:

Tomorrow will find me on the sledding slopes of Manhattan.

And speaking of Manhattan, on a whim I watched the movie The September Issue, a documentary about Vogue and then after watching it I got on the subway and Grace Coddington sat right next to me. I thought that was really weird. I just saw her in a weird movie! I snapped a picture of her leaving the train.

And while I'm thinking weird fashion, it's time to check in with my friend Bill and his current view of Manhattan.

Wear your snow boots!

Grace exiting the E train

Saturday, December 25, 2010


For today and always:


Looking at Keltie Ferris, lead me to VVORK and other unknowns.

Merry Christmas!

Keltie Ferris pictured above from Anaba: Social Space blog, a good read...thanks Martin!

I like the font on that Horton Gallery!

Ooo and another discover: Sandy de Lissovoy, both Horton Gallery site and Sandy de Lissovoy's site designed by Silas Dilworth.

work continues in my sketchbook today:

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


For the Artist at the Start of Day

May morning be astir with the harvest of night;
Your mind quickening to the eros of a new question,
Your eyes seduced by some unintended glimpse
That cut right through the surface to a source

May this be a morning of innocent beginning,
When the gift within you slips clear
Of the sticky web of the personal
With its hurt and its hauntings,
And fixed fortress corners,

A morning when you become a pure vessel
For what wants to ascend from silence

May your imagination know
The grace of perfect danger,

Deep into the call of all
The unfinished and unsolved

Until the veil of the unknown yields
And something original begins
To stir toward your senses
And grow in your heart

In order to come to birth
In a clean line of form,
That claims from time
A rhythm not yet heard,
That calls space to
A different shape.

May it be its own force field
And dwell uniquely
Between the heart and the light

To surprise the hungry eye
By how deftly it fits
About its secret

John O'Donohue
Drawing by Piet Mondrian.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Terra Cotta, Jesus with Ants and Staring Contests

Photo: Terracotta vase in the form of a phallus, Greek origin, Classical Purchase Fund, 1999; Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art

I've been home for 3 days with a sinus infection and a fever, maybe it's flu. Two things, I suggest to anyone else interested in art today are linked below, and I'll check in again tomorrow!

One: Hyperallergic's new issue,

Two: When the Art Stared Back and Other Trends by Roberta Smith

and for extra credit read Jerry Saltz’s Open Letter to the Republicans of the 111th Congress

Thursday, December 9, 2010


After only 3 months from having her second child, Amy Smith-Stewart, is roving again. This time she has organized 7 Artists 7 Days 7 Hours, a video program featuring Jen DeNike, Bryan Balla, Kate Gilmore, Alix Pearlstein, Laurel Nakadate, Yui Kugimiya, and Adrian Paci.

The videos are on a continuous loop for a 7-day period at BIG SCREEN PROJECT, a 30 x 16.5 ft. HD format LED screen located at a 10,000 sq. ft. public plaza between 29th and 30th Street in New York City. There's a little cafe called FoodParc, which makes an excellent viewing perch and they serve up delicious dumplings!

Yum, I've been roving too and eating all over town...staying out of the studio and sort of out of the cold.

Matisse's Reverse lithos at Maison Francaise

Cafe Henri, lemon tart while I finish, almost ready new website!

Tomorrow it's back out to the Moore Street Market, for more discussions of my public/% for Art Project there and possible collaborations with Lars Kremer and Aron Namenwirth. More art and eating is in my future.

Friday, December 3, 2010

My Miami

Unlikely as it is, I am in Miami Beach and so are the "art fairs." I am actually in a hotel across the water from most of these fairs, except for SEVEN, where I am giving an aforementioned talk on fame or "You're a Legend in your Own Mind." After the salon I hoping to hop a boat to see Shamim's island project where friend Marina Rosenfeld is doing a sound/no sound installation, proper footwear required. Below are some pictures of my Miami. I just ordered room service, I can't believe it!

Marina Rosenfeld en route to car rental attempt...
William Powhida at #Rank, Christopher Ho was discussing "Regionalism," or what sounded like the origin of criticism when I walked in...
A picture of the surrounding SEVEN art, provided for context:
Beautiful pink chalk board for the #Rank
(this is a twitter link because this is a twittering event) overflow thoughts:
The Chadwicks:

Their piece The Genretron:
And last but not least, a huge treat for me was to see Hildur Asgeirsdóttir Jónsson at a private viewing of her work in a beautiful South Beach apartment at it's southern most tip. Hildur is sitting on the left.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

#Rank at SEVEN in Miami

William Powhida and Jen Dalton's #Rank will take place December 1 - December 4, and will be held at Ed Winkleman's space at SEVEN, in the Wynwood district of Miami.

#Rank Miami, three days of "non-gala events, non-curated performances, and non-hierarchical discussions on the topic of the class structures of the art world, with a super-special focus on the art fair experience.

Dec. 3rd @ 3pm @ #Rank Miami - "You're a Legend in Your Own Mind"
a relational discussion on fame led by Austin Thomas
"Dirty Harrys" (root beer and Jack Daniels) will be served.

See Hyperallergic's list of five #rank projects worth checking out.