Sunday, January 15, 2012

DC bound...But first to Bushwick and Ridgewood

Before going off to DC to install a show at Heiner Contemporary, see above (best laid plans on the wall), I went out Bushwick to visit with Matthew Miller and then we walked the cold 25 minute walk to Valentine to see a show of Rick Briggs and Adam Simon.

At Matthew's above, works in progress

Matthew's drawings below on the floor.

Another drawing by Matthew Miller

Julie Torres striking a nice silhouette above, and Adam Simon's wall of painted silhouettes below.

One of Adam's drawings above, a waiter.

More of Adam's drawings above and below.

A happy Adam above.

His drawing on a painter.

And the one I bought above because real artists buy other artist's artwork!

Back out into the cold, Rick Briggs  above.

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