Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Closing Conversation Saturday 4:00pm Heiner Contemporary

4:00pm until 5:00pm
Closing Conversation

Come participate, get a free print and have a glass of wine while I lead a salon-style event on the closing day of of my show at Heiner Contemporary in Washington, D.C.

The exhibition titled "Austin Thomas: Studies" has been so fun and I am grateful to Margaret Heiner and her gallery manager Elizabeth Parker and to the DC art community for joining in and being so supportive of my ideas and coming out to see the show!

Hope to see you Saturday at 4:00 pm.  Here is a recent review of the show from the Washington Post
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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Up and up and around and looking so right!

The exhibit Jason Andrew has curated at NYCAMS, "What I Know," opened last night and is on view through March 17th. NYCAMS is located at 44 West 28th Street, 7th floor. Now go have a look:

First, outside and up, Friday afternoon, blue sky, w. 28th Street, ready to go in?  Follow me.

Brece Honeycutt.

Ben Godward.

Tamara Gonzales.

Matthew Miller with Armin Kunz.

My piece.

More of my piece.

etc., of my piece.

Armin with my piece and it's pedestal.

Adam Simon.

Sharon Butler.

Brooke Moyse with beautiful neighbors on either side.

My piece and Tamara.

Ellen Letcher.

Kevin Regan and Liz Atzberger, Cooper Holoweski, etc.

Nice electrical box.

John Silvis!

Michele Araujo.

Julie Torres under the "N."

More me...



Ben from the back, looking good.

Hey Norman Jabut.

Crowd shot.

Who is that handsome man with that adorable little boy?!


Hello. scandalous essay on the back, written out by hand.

Get tuned in, tapped in and turned on, xo y'all - AT

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Drink and Draw with Julie Torres and a Bushwick night out.

I'm on my way back to DC for a series of talks that I am moderating with the over-arching theme of collaboration, people and art making/enjoying.

Karina Skvirsky Aquilera will first speak about collaborating her practice with other people's blog practices.  Karina reads blogs and then reenacts the writings as performative pieces. Then Sharon Butler will talk about writing a blog and the collaborative process between that and her paintings, in her own words: "painter and blogger Sharon Butler will discuss the coincident occurrences, connecting principles, parallelism, and lovetivity that occur between Austin Thomas's work and Butler's paintings

The next day we will draw all day, so if you're in the DC area, please join us for some collaborative drawing fun! From the invite: Julie Torres to host an afternoon Drink 'n Draw, similar to the Collaborative Drawing Parties she organized last year. Next Saturday, February 11th from 12 - 5pm at Heiner Contemporary in DC. Come draw with us!

More description of these talks from the sites out there: In conjunction with the exhibition "Austin Thomas: Studies," Heiner Contemporary is hosting a series of salon-style events that bring members of the artistic community into the gallery for special programs. Please join us next Saturday for an afternoon of drawing and socializing! This low-key gathering encourages thoughtful, experimental collaborations between artists.

If you come, some things you might bring:

1. Stuff you like to draw with that you don't mind sharing: pens, markers, ink, pencils, water-based paints, etc.

2. Half-begun, discarded, or neglected drawings or doodles- these could provide a great starting point for someone else.

We encourage participants to abandon their usual art-making practices for one day and engage in some process-free fun. We hope to see you there!  I love it!!

Ok, lastly, out and about in Bushwick, Friday night:

Above from David Schafer - at Studio 10 a visual and sound artist.
February 3 to February 27, 2012

The crowd at Studio 10 and David Schafer's work below:

Paul's work above and below:

A crowd shot below, Paul above.

Let's see here there's Josette Urso and the writer Benjamin Sutton and more Paul below.

Paul above and I think this is the piece I bought!

Paul above and below:

A wall of Paul above and below, a Leslie Kerby print below, also on view at Norte Maar:

More Leslie Kerby, in another room, which I'll have to go back and photograph was Kai Vierstra (he has on view painted sculptural pieces that contain a beautifully built backstory).

Leslie Kerby above.  That's it.