Saturday, May 24, 2008

Think of your ideas as big and operative in a larger universe; your thoughts are ever expanding and taking you places.

I spent Saturday morning at my temporary studio space (emphasis on temporary). Saturday afternoon, I spent out at Pocket Utopia, on the floor. Saturday evening was also spent on the floor, but this time, in the room of a 3 year-old who was trying to fall asleep.

Now it's Sunday and I'm still on the floor writing this blog. I've been trying to create a new place to write that's beyond the constraints of space, free or otherwise. I'm also in the midst of planning another year of pocket utopias, which will consistent of more salons, a residency, some exhibitions, and several print editions.

There are now four galleries all within a few blocks of each other in Bushwick. There are also hundreds of artists. In addition, there are a variety of "alternative" spaces, including interdisciplinary art and performance spaces (Chez Bushwick, for example), comedy spaces and a variety of creative workspaces. Check out the Arts in Bushwick website for a sampling of places. There's a lot to see! All Bushwick needs is a piece of significant architecture and we've got ourselves our own Bilbao!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Things Moving

With every new show at Pocket Utopia, I have to get used to the space that a new artist or several artists occupy. It can be a difficult transition. Sometimes an artist lets you in willingly. Sometimes they don't.

I'm also getting used to my new studio space, even though it's not for very long. I only have the space for 3 months, a little longer then the length of a gallery exhibition. Perhaps I should view this studio space as a show. Why do some exhibitions or shows (or studio spaces) move us to a different place and why do others push us backwards?

I am reminded of my thoughts a year ago about Jonathan VanDyke's show at Pocket Utopia. It was the first show. A new space for everyone. This is what I wrote:

If I am lucky, every once and awhile, I look at art and then experience and examine life differently. Then as a result of that visual and conceptual feedback loop, I look at art differently and that is what I experienced last night after Jonathan VanDyke's "soft opening" at Pocket Utopia. His art, within the space, changed me. That is the goal of art to effect change.

Change is good. I guess it's important to keep things moving!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Finding a four-leaf clover

I had a remarkable thing happen to me yesterday while paging through an old address book. I found a four-leaf clover! Pictured above, I don't think I ever saw a clover with four leaves before.

I was so awe-struck, I almost started to cry. There are other interesting things in this address book, which I found in a trash bag on the street. The book contains a lot of business cards, addresses in other languages, phone numbers of Paris hotels and Paul Simon's address! Elissa and I sent him an invitation to her current show to see if it was correct and it hasn't been returned yet, so next we're going to...put his address book back in the book. It'll reside next to the four-leaf clover.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Welcome to Drawing on the Utopia

Welcome to my new blog! Moving to an actual studio space with a door and a lock, and air conditioning is cause for much more than celebration, it's a reason to write beyond the laundry room art-making experience. As the editing and viewing process begins on my drawings that have been accumulating in boxes for 3 years, I thought this would be a good opportunity to write about other pocket utopias and on other "free-spaces," or creative places, people, and projects.

I am also marking this transition to a studio space with the opening of my etsy store called Byproduct. Byproduct believes in supporting all aspects of an artist's creativity; whether it be their thoughts, sketches, recipes, book choices, or other made and customized objects. Where Pocket Utopia gallery sells art priced from $200 to $2000. Byproduct's hand-made and hand-selected items average $20.

The current item for sale, pictured above, is my first ever limited edition gocco print. It's hand printed by myself, in black ink with greenish tones on white cover stock. I made 20 prints and it measures 4 by 5 inches. Each print is signed and numbered.

Thanks for reading and looking (and buying). Now it's time to move and discover all things utopic.