Monday, January 9, 2012

Camel Art Space, Andrew Zarou, Rob de Oude, Julie, Judith, Brece

This post in blissfully incomplete and will be filled in, in time....
Friday night: Camel Art Project Space, the true blue artist-run awesome space!

Featuring the work of Andrew Zarou below:

The show of Andrew's work was organized by artist Rob de Oude, below:

Rob de Oude's paintings below, he is a studio member is at Camel Art Space

More Rob de Oude above and below

Rob's saved paint above, I think I've seen this before or have I seen him do this somewhere else?

Julie Torres and Judith Braun striking a nice pose.  Judith described to me her upcoming exhibition at the Chrysler Museum, in Norfolk, VA in Feb. 2012

Good night Camel Art Space

Brece Honeycutt displays her handmade sketchbook of dyed paper
on the subway platform
Brece below with book.

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