Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gentle harbingers of spring may warm my soul

it all starts here in the studio with friends; Tom, Benay and Laurel

Hrag podcasting, Veken assisting (podcast forth soon)

Sunday pre-podcast discussion in the Norte Maar salon space

Julie Torres foreground, Paul D'Agostino background

Grant's dance performance

The first love seat model for the plaza

Lars sizes up the task of creating paella for the evening

Jason describes Aron Namenwirth's installation to party guests

the paella party!

let's see Brooke Moyse, Adam Simon, Ben, Rico's back, Audra head

Ellen, Manuel and Manuel's wife, they're hungry

Nice picture of Ellen and Kevin, JP (Hrag in the foreground listening)

Paul before

Paul after

the other love seat for the plaza on it's mosaic patio

Beat nite at Norte Maar Friday, Feb. 18th

Beat nite pic 2 Norte Maar with Karen Schifano

Maybe this was better then the paella, the best mac and cheese on the planet

the family wall in Arkon, Oh.

Not spring yet, snowed-in in Akron

After 3 months of work, Mike gives a speech about his life after high school to his alma mater, Calvert High School.

The end.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

el 17 de febrero a las 6:00 PM

Algunos amigos artistas míos y yo estaremos haciendo una cena este jueves, el 17 de febrero a las 6:00 PM. Los ingredientes para la cena serán del mercado Moore Street (Moore Street Market). Somos artistas y queremos compartir una cena y tener una exposición artística. Le invitamos venir a compartir con nosotros esta cena humilde y exposición para celebrar proyectos nuevos y el Mercado Moore Street Histórico. Puede venir a partir de las 6pm, la cena se servirá alrededor de las 7, y habrá un recital de poesía alrededor de las 9. Venga y comparta con nosotros:

83 Wyckoff Avenue, #1B Brooklyn, NY 11237 USA



Artista trabajando en la plaza de Humboldt Street

image: "Nine Tomatoes," Cathy Nan Quinlan, 2010 oil on canvas

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hello all! (From Benjamin Evans)

Hello all!

I'm writing to let you know about the new project I'm working on while in Paris (if you didn't know: I stopped being the gallery director at NURTUREart and moved to Paris at Christmas!). Its called "Projective City", and I'm pretty excited about it. We've brought together some really interesting, mostly New York-based artists all working on subtly related, quasi-romantic themes, and are looking forward to introducing some of this work through both conventional and non-conventional methods to the French public. We have several projects slowly developing, though at the moment effort is being concentrated on a pop-up group exhibition (details forthcoming soon!)

The whole thing aims to be conceptually structured around the notion of linked projects rather than any particular physical gallery location. In my view it brings together elements of and draws on my experiences with the non-profit gallery, the commercial gallery, artist collaboratives and individual artist's practices. So it is all quite experimental, and we're going to keep things fun!

More about the whole thing can be discovered on the "About" page, so I won't repeat myself here. Please take a moment to poke around:

As residents of various far-flung corners of the artworld, I welcome your feedback, and would certainly appreciate it if you can spread the word (particularly to any of your French acquaintances!). Further aspects of the project will emerge in due course, and I'd like to keep you up to date about them, but I promise not to bombard you with email!

Hope you are all doing well with your respective projects.

Oh: and a quick PS: Bushwick this Friday looks really good: Meg Hitchcock's installation at Famous Accountants and Laundromat's show both look great, and I think it is an "open late" night! Almost makes me homesick!
Benjamin Evans

Project Manager, Projective City Contemporary Art
PHD Candidate in Philosophy, New School for Social Research

image above: Cherche Midi Cherche Fenêtre window space. Quietly inserted into a first floor (second floor in USA!) window at 81 Rue de Cherche Midi, Projective City presents for its first exhibition a video installation by B. Maven Ninjas. The window project is designed to be encountered by passers-by, with no indication (no signage, etc.) that this is an “art” experience. However, a fixed telescope on the sidewalk will be provided to enable viewers a more intimate way to encounter the work. Details forthcoming.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mark it! @ Norte Maar

Mark it! @ Norte Maar

Opening: Friday, February 18, 6 - 10 PM

Norte Maar 83 Wyckoff Avenue, #1BBrooklyn, NY 11237 USA

Hours by appointment 646-361-8512
“Mark it” presents a group of artists at the beginning of new projects including; Paul D'Agostino, Lars Kremer, Aron Namenwirth, Cathy Nan Quilian, Julie Torres, and Audra Wolowiec

organized by Austin Thomas to celebrate the beginning of a new public art project for the Historic Moore Street Market in Brooklyn

Beat nite Bushwick, galleries stay open late organized by Jason Andrew and Norte Maar sponsored by Hyperallergic

image: Julie Torres's studio