Saturday, January 28, 2012

All this goes together (in a backpack, on the floor and archived)

This week: a visit to Hildur Ásgeirsdóttir Jónsson, pictured below.

Weaved panels based on Icelandic landscapes.

And a new monumental weaving of a rock, also Icelandic.

I also stopped off to see Armin Kunz at C.G. Boerner to see a beautiful show of Martin Assig's
a sampling:

At C.G. Boerner the best things are always on the floor!

Martin Assig, "Jenny"

Martin Assig, "Speil"

Martin Assig, Lilith

Finally...I've worked around the corner of the New York Times building, but have never stopped in to see Movable Type by artist Ben Rubin and Mark Hansen,
Associate Professor in the Department of Statistics, University at California at Los Angeles.

Here's a YouTube video of it.

Seeing this differently, edited and processed.

Monday, January 23, 2012

back in business

I need to get this post done or else I will have been back for a week and won't get to announce that I'm "back home" in New York.  I bought 3 new sketchbooks and am out and about and drawing but I want to take this moment and look back over a few things from the past week in DC.  DC is an amazing city, and I was so inspired, in particular by 2 artists who have made DC their home.

One: Linn Meyers.  She is amazing and I hope this conversation continues!  Below are few pictures from a "studio evening with Linn Meyers, moderated by Lisa Gold from the Washington Project for the Arts":

Linn's studio

Linn's drawings above.

Linn and Lisa Gold talking...

the curls of this guy's hair and the wrinkles in his neck reminded me of Linn's work.  It was all coming together, a moment in time...And then at the end another guy apologized for spilling water and I thought, well of course you did.   It was a spiritual experience.

Artist of inspiration # two: Maggie Michael, she continues to inspire me, and she did it again on Saturday when she spoke about her mural project where she collaborated with 12 other Romanian artists at the American Embassy in Bucharest.

More to come.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Open for Business

This is our first visitor, an early arrival for my show that is about to officially open!  Below, 

Monday, January 16, 2012


I arrived here on Saturday, dropped my stuff off at Heiner Contemporary and went off to one of my other favorite galleries, Curator's Office, for an opening of Jonathan Monaghan.  Perfect size, big ideas, and run by the amazing Andrea Pollan.  Below are a few pictures, shot with my phone, and remember the space is small and you kind a gotta be there...But I love DC and it's great to be here for the week!!

Above the hallway of 1515 14th Street where Curator's Office is located. 

One screen and 2 prints by Jonathan Monaghan:

A still from Mushroom Sacrifice.

Screen image above, and in the artist's words..."a bull's journey through my own version of Super Mario's Mushroom Kingdom. The film combines elements from iconic video games with a myriad of references, such as Wall Street, the Metropolitan Club, Bizet's Carmen, and hair products. Taking a comparative mythology approach to certain aspects of contemporary culture, the film aims to mediate basic oppositions such as good and evil, life and death, and reality and fantasy." 

Final crowd shot.
Now I must go install my own show!  Mike and I started last night by putting together the desk, sneak peak here:


I love this one of Mike!
I love Mike!
xo to all.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

DC bound...But first to Bushwick and Ridgewood

Before going off to DC to install a show at Heiner Contemporary, see above (best laid plans on the wall), I went out Bushwick to visit with Matthew Miller and then we walked the cold 25 minute walk to Valentine to see a show of Rick Briggs and Adam Simon.

At Matthew's above, works in progress

Matthew's drawings below on the floor.

Another drawing by Matthew Miller

Julie Torres striking a nice silhouette above, and Adam Simon's wall of painted silhouettes below.

One of Adam's drawings above, a waiter.

More of Adam's drawings above and below.

A happy Adam above.

His drawing on a painter.

And the one I bought above because real artists buy other artist's artwork!

Back out into the cold, Rick Briggs  above.