Sunday, March 27, 2011

Art Making Marathon Day 1

Starting with empty work tables and lots of caffeine and further fueled by whole wheat honey pretzels, Julie Torres and I begun our 12-hour art-making marathon. After working for the past few months on plans for a permanent perch for a city sidewalk, I needed to jump start my studio practice with a dedicated day - Art Making Marathon Day.

Pictures from our day of art making below. We are planning 3 more days and other things.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Trusts and Estates

Because Adam Simon was speaking on a panel about "securing your artistic legacy, I went. Essentially, an artist secures their legacy while they are alive and creating. Artists do not typically become famous out of nothing after they die, they must be something while, again alive.

Adam, spoke about his Fine Art Adoption Network, and although we haven't done too much with it lately, it is there and continues to be a lovely way for artists and collectors to connect with one another through their work. Check it out.

A very accomplished and caring attorney by the name of Herbert E. Nass spoke on the nuts and bolts of securing one's artistic legacy. Mr. Nass recommended that all artists should have wills. Within one's will it is possible to have a trust for your art and an art executor that takes care of your art trust (it might be helpful to think of that word combination, poetically) when you die. An executor could be a curator and they should receive a salary for maintaining your legacy (your art trust), handling the placement of works, shipping details, any sales, catalogs, and exhibits.

Our pal Jason Andrew is essentially an art executor of Jack Tworkov's work, and appropriately he references to himself as the curator of the Jack Tworkov estate. He is a curator and much more since he handles art related details on other artists' lives, including Biala, Jack's sister.

It is wise for an artist to maintain relationships with institutions that already collect their work. Would any school you attended be interested in your art OR it's effects? For example, she's not dead yet, which she would be quick to remind me, but all of my mom's intricate and hand-made sumi brushes could have a loving and appreciative home some day (not anytime soon). Think wide, and edit your legacy, leave a clear vision behind, a view into you.

more below, ha, ha, or maybe not...
Thursday, March 24 - Get Expert Advice on...
Securing Your Artistic Legacy
6:30 Reception, 7:00
Discussion - Soho20 Chelsea Gallery, 547 W. 27th St., #301
Admission: $7 Adults, $3 Seniors/Students with ID
Join us March 24th for a panel of experts on....
Securing Your Artistic Legacy
Daria Dorosh, PhD, Artist, Professor, F.I.T. (Moderator)
Herbert Nass, Trust & Estate Lawyer serving artists
Adam Simon, Director, Fine Art Adoption Network
Douglas I. Sheer, Founder/Chairman, ArtistsTalkOnArt

Whether you're a "boomer" or younger, you want to be remembered as an artist & have a home for your art
after you're gone.
Get information about your options:
~ donating your art to nonprofit institutions ~
~ Creating wills & trusts ~
~ Researching & contacting organizations ~
Program organized by Daria Dorosh & Doug Sheer

Friday, March 11, 2011

WI rise

More teacher-related (etc.) blog protestings:

from The Justseeds artist cooperative.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Teach your children well!

A grassroots group of parents has reserved space on city hall steps this Thursday at 1 PM to protest proposed budget cuts on behalf of our kids!

Speak up for of your kids and your teachers!
Even more of them are targeted this year than when we raised hell last year. Mayor Bloomberg is threatening to lay off 6,000 of our teachers in response to threatened budget cuts from Albany.

Don't let the mayor and Albany use our kids' futures as political football. NYS is in defiance of a court decision demanding it provide NYC with sufficient funding to provide city students with equal access to education. Teacher layoffs, larger classes, fewer programs, overcrowded facilities, personnel and supplies stretched even thinner--this is in our future if we don't speak up. Just a few minutes of your time makes a big difference; your school needs you.

Join us Thursday, 1 PM, at City Hall Steps.

And watch out for city-wide school-based protests on March 25th.

If you can't make it (or if you can) write to the Mayor, the Governor, the Speaker, your assemblymember, and your senator today:

Governor Cuomo: or click here

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver:
find your assemblymember here
find your state senator here

Saturday, March 5, 2011


During "Art Fair Week", New York IS the center of the artworld, everyone! It's the truth. If you need to know the details, Ruppert Ravens sent around this summary email of where all the fairs are:
Piers 92 & 94
Twelfth Avenue at 55th Street

Thursday - Saturday: Noon to 8 pm
Sunday: Noon to 7 pm
ADAA Art Dealers Association of America
Park Avenue Armory (large building)
Park Avenue at 67th St.

Wednesday - Saturday: noon to 8 PM
Sunday: noon to 6 PM
7 West 34th Street
(between 5th and 6th Avenue,) 11th floor

Thursday: 2-7 PM
Friday-Sunday: 11-7 PM
125 West 18th Street (between 6th and 7th Aves)

Thursday- Saturday: 12pm - 8pm
(Thursday -open at 1 PM)
Sunday: 12pm - 5pm
320 West Street (West Side Highway)
Across from Pier 40 (between W. Houston and Spring Sts.) --check map
VIP/PRESS Wednesday 3-9PM

Thursday-Saturday: noon - 8pm
Sunday: noon - 7pm
548 West 22nd Street (between 10th and 11th Aves)

Thursday: 4 - 9pm
Friday, Saturday: 11am - 8pm
Sunday: 12 - 4pm
MOVING IMAGE (contemporary video art)
The Tunnel 216 11th Avenue (between 27th and 28th Streets)

Opening reception: Thursday, 6-8 pm
Thursday - Saturday: 11 am - 8 pm
Sunday: 11 am - 3 pm
Take F train to York St. or A/C to High St. (first stop in Brooklyn)
GET MAP FOR ALL VENUES--should be everywhere in Dumbo
Opening Night Party, Thurs.10-2, Galapagos Art Space, 16 Main Street
111 Front Street, Second Floor (James Kalm curated show)
81 Front Street One Main Street -gallery exhibitors
Artists Project Spaces, 55 Washington St.
Artists Open Call Exhibition, 20 Jay St.

Thursday, Friday & Saturday: Noon to 10 pm
Sunday: Noon to 6 pm
Admission $20
30,000 sq ft Exhibition Venue
Rupert Ravens Contemporary
85 Market Street, Newark NJ 07102

Friday & Saturday Noon to 6PM

If you need a recap read Hrag!!

If you can't stand it, come see me, I'm already drinking beer and eating potato chips at EFA, open floors, from 1-5pm Sat., March 5th, 323 w. 39th Street, #706!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Open Floors" at the EFA - Saturday, March 5th from 1pm to 5pm

studio image above

Open Studio Dept.
After the "Armory" or instead of come by my studio, #706 at the EFA
323 w. 39th Street, NYC 10018
Saturday, March 5th, 1PM to 5 PM

Austin Thomas
Open Studio
#706 at the EFA
323 w. 39th Street, NYC 10018
Saturday, March 5th, 1PM to 5 PM
potato chips and beer served all day