Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Every once in awhile you have to add some or rather a "wackadoodle" to the mix to bring on a smile.  Here's another week in pictures:

 Getting lost in a corn maze en route to a pumpkin catapult AND enjoying getting lost, the monochromatic wandering of it all (yellowing brown/blonde to smashed orange)!  Really, a calming experience...

a visit to KK Kozik's studio, brushes above, paintings below.

I like this pairing, a painted walk through the woods with a black and white of portrait of Billy Bragg above it, looking above.  The portrait accompanies KK's article in this month's Brooklyn Rail, titled "Content Over Style."

A lava lamp, stands in as a beacon in this soulful KK painting.  

A detail of a different kind of light, also KK's.

The bigger painted scene above and below in several parts.

Switching scenes below to a more performative 48-hour scene, I follow-up  with a report on the aftermath of Julie Torres's  most recent collaborative, a time-based art making project at Camel Art Space: All the art was made over a 48-hour time span by 14 artists.  The show was open to the public for one day only or rather for 12 hours this past Sunday.

Rebecca Goyette's unoccupied controlled intimacy sacks.

Joey Parlett's portraits of Muybridge, also controlled (an operative word for this 48-hour work session) in that each portrait was drawn by covering up the previous portraits, an appropriate stop and go and stop after 48-hours way of interacting with a subject.

Next up, above another set of rules governed 
Chris Mcgee's drawing, with all lines turning 180 degrees with each line drawn smaller than the one before it. 

Julie Curtiss pictured above, not governed by a set of rules of engagement but engaging and made a very particular way, by layering and arranging so that there's a re-engaging of how you are looking at something...A


Look, I match a painting!  (Jamie Powell above and below)

Camel Art Space - the opening and from their mission statement, and they seem to be true to it: an artist-operated exhibition space with a focus on current trends in art within a not-for-profit framework and is affiliated with the studio artists at 722 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. Camel Art Space does not represent artists in the traditional sense, but merely composes shows of their works for the inherent merits of showing art. Situated in one of New York’s artistically richest neighborhoods we strive to provide an accessible exhibition platform and meeting venue for artists, curators and audience alike. In an inclusive spirit, Camel Art Space is open to proposals from independent curators and artists. As an affiliate member of Williamsburg Gallery Association, Camel Art Space participates in 2nd Friday Art Walk. Camel Art Space has been named by New York Magazine as one of the City’s new galleries to watch. (groovey)

Julie Torres above and below!  She organized this whole thing, yes real artists curate!

A partial view of a longer painting by Erin Halrup.  View the entire piece from her link.

Let's end here again with Rebecca Goyette contained within 48 hours.

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