Saturday, November 12, 2011


Well, the reviews for most of the performances of Performa 11 have been lukewarm, see today's review by Ken Johnson where he questions what is performance art or read Gia Kourlas's review of Mai-Thu Perret's "Love Letters in Ancient Brick.  Here's a mention by Linda Yablonsky of the Frances Stark performance I dragged Adam Simon to:

  Frances Stark fleshed out her obsession with sex-chat texting, and the aggressively sexual Jamaican dance called daggering, in a sold-out Performa program that required a lot of reading on the part of the audience. Dressed in a billowing “telephone dress,” when she wasn’t in a flesh-toned bodysuit, Stark shared the stage with Mark Leckey’s enormous BigBox speakers and dancehall “hype man” Skerrit Bwoy—a stranger to these parts in one of the strangest, and most disturbing, performances of the week. 

But I wouldn't let the thoughts of a few reviewers stop you, for it is interesting to browse and collect data.  I would recommend stopping in at Performa's Hub, located in an old Catholic School on Mott Street where there is bookstore complete with a seating arrangement by Sit and Read.

Performa's Hub above
and the bookstore below:
(notice the sign for the architectural sub-committee of Occupy Wall Street, I hear there are a lot of committees in Zuccotti Park.)

 Performa 11's schedule on the blackboard like homework (data collection)

And staying on the theme of bookstores, I finally got the chance to stop in at KARMA.  This small bookstore, gallery, storefront of art ephemera is on Downing Street and is a way-station for those reading, collaging, curating and writing.  Karma sells book, publishes books and now has small exhibitions.  An excellent place to data collect and browse.

Random data collecting snapshots (taken by Brece Honeycutt) below:

and more Peter Blum gallery below:

Below studio pals David Storey and Jane Kent are in a show at Lesley Heller:
David Storey

Jane Kent

next to Lesley Heller, I found Jonathan VanDyke orchestrating a performance for PERFORMA (he loves that dripping paint)!

It was a storefront performance.

Browsing the back room of Lesley Heller with Brece, loving the Loren Munk.

the back cover of the book I'm reading Pep Talk 5, a collection of writings by Bruce Hainley.

Grant and Violet at OWS:

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