Sunday, October 9, 2011

Raw Creative Energy

Call it raw creative energy or studio time together, Julie Torres joined me a week ago where she completed the below painting on paper:

Above, Julie at the beginning, and next up for Julie, a 48-hour marathon where she along with 11 other artists will paint, socialize and sleep, a little. The other artists are; Paul Behnke, Brian Bustos, Julie Curtiss, Rebecca Goyette, Katarina Hybenova, Ken Kocses, Geddes Levenson, Rebecca Litt, Chris McGee, Joey Parlett and Jamie Powell.  (Hope I got all the links right!)

From the press release: 48 HRS is a celebration and exploration of art-making and socializing in Brooklyn. It is a 48-Hour residency that will culminate in a site-specific group show.

The artists in the show will meet at Camel Art Space for a 24-Hour art-making session. They will then stay/sleep/socialize in the space and exhibit their work the next day. The entire event will take place over a 48-Hour period.

The show will be open to the public for one day only: Sunday, October 23, 12 Noon – Midnight.
Artists will be in attendance at the opening to discuss their work, and the process. Photo and video documentation of the art-making event will as well be exhibited.

The opening will certainly be a time and place experience where we can all look into that creative space where and how art is made.  Will they all influence each other, will it be like a school, what mysteries in art production will be revealed?  We shall see.

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vincenthawkins said...

well this is rather magnificent !! love all those sections together .Congratulations !!