Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nothing but Happiness as things Descend into Chaos

Nothing but happiness as things descend into chaos, unease remains under the surface...I read this statement on the back of my notes from my last blog post, so I thought I would start there.  I'm behind on posting, but getting ahead in other areas, so here's an update in pictures, all taken on my new phone, since my camera broke.

Most afternoons find me getting down and dirty with my public art piece.  How will this thing attach to the ground? The Guild and Ben are helping me, HELP ME!

When I need to be inspired, I hang out with Karina Aguilera Skvirsky, whose new Laundromat Project folds the art-making process in with oral history and the spin cycle.  The result of this folding is displayed in a postcard series available at her local laundromat.  See below:

I had the best time at the Laundromat's recent $35 a head fundraising dinner, held at the Julia De Burgos Latino Cultural Center in a 
beautifully decorated cafeteria with amazing food by Berlin Reed the ethical butcher.

Below is not the $35 fundraiser but last week's very successful NurtureArt's benefit where we drank and auctioned our work to much fanfare!  They open a new space November 11, so we're anxious and excited to see what exactly they they say their name is their mission.  Nurture me!

And to get away these days, it's to DC for a Maggie Michael show.  Love it, more folding, sprayed, painted works on paper and acetate...see below:

above might be a work on canvas

nice folding blue above and more below with black tape:

Then it's back to Bushwick for a meal at my favorite restaurant, Cafe Ghia!!  Those shelves look a little bit like the perch trellis (must show this picture to the Guild)

Lots of pictures of one of my favorite artists, Ellen Letcher, she pops up whenever I go out and about.

Here is her's and Kevin's Famous Accountants above with a Scott Hug from their current show below:

Ellen again.

Kevin above.  Did I mentioned that Famous Accountants threw me the best birthday party ever!!!  Thks!

The back of Ellen's head at Centotto.

Look, it's Ellen again at Norte Maar!  Standing next to a Paul, from Centotto, piece.

The view from the sidewalk into Norte Maar's living room.

Before Bushwick it was Rico Gatson!  At Exit Art!  Rico, who was in Bushwick before all of us...

Above, I found a picture from the yummy food at the Laundromat Project's "potluck," which wasn't really a potluck.  

That's it, back to work.
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julie torres said...

This is one of the most inspiring posts ever.