Sunday, October 2, 2011

Heiner Contemporary

After reading an article in this morning's Times titled The Young Gallerists, I was reminded that a week ago, I traveled to Heiner Contemporary in Washington, DC, where a young gallerist, Margaret Heiner, is shaking things up with her relationally keen eye, art historical saviness, and her choice of pink lettering and cheese balls paired with hot dogs as opening snacks!

Below a pictorial essay of of her space with an exhibition of NYC's David Kramer:

 above notice the wonderfully refined color palette of pink on black on the building (along with the David Kramer artwork for the window on a blue-painted background) calling to mind the hot-hued and typographically daring silk screens of Sister Mary Corita.

Incredibly prolific artist David Kramer plays with the domestic and the invitation to partake in his debauchery in his center-gallery, living room style install.

Jokes, stories and visual puns on one of the gallery's walls above.

Kramer's lining up pairs nicely with skirts, upholstery, and chairs in the center of the gallery above.

Pieces of advice above.

The most beautifully blue hot dog cart I have ever seen!

A peek at the backroom.

A close-up of a Kramer.

Unboundless in Georgetown and beyond, Margaret Heiner above.

Even though, slightly, ever so slightly PG-13 for my household, I love this piece!  Notice the pink again, the message un-Sister Mary Corita, but practical nonetheless!

Gallery view above, and by the way Drawing on the Utopic now has it's own facebook page!

Interacting with David's books and art.

Very rare shot of my spouse Mike, wearing shorts in the background!  He loved the space.  Full disclosure: my show at Heiner Contemporary opens January 20, 2012.

Above, looking ahead to Wisconsin Ave., I like that brick pattern.  

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