Saturday, September 24, 2011


I like to consider myself as a community arts advocate, a buddhist, and a savvy investor.  Actually those are my current aspirations and I'm trying them out, writing them down, in order to get used to them.  Of course, I'm defining these roles in my own way.

Yesterday, my community arts advocate hat and the savvy investor role came together, when I visited the offices of the Motley Fool  and taught some members of the staff an art lesson that drew on elements of surprise.  The class was very unstructured and the "Fools" as they call themselves seemed to like it that way!  See my students below:

After art and some tips on investing I visited DC Prep for a tour and some ice cream.  The schools, and there are 3 campuses located in the Northeast section of DC,  are Pre-K through 8th grade with a focus on making brains out of all of us.  Many children, and enrollment is open, go to this free school, enter as "low performers" and leave entering Washington D.C.'s premier private high schools.  Now to go investigate becoming a buddhist!  And latest distraction: wordle.

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