Friday, October 1, 2010

Give and Listen. Support The Sound of Art

Please support The Sound of Art.

For the past five years Paddy Johnson has been looking at art and writing about what she has seen. Paddy wrote about Pocket Utopia on several occasions and most recently she wrote about Camp Pocket U.

In addition to looking, Johnson has been listening. She asks, "Does art have a distinctive sound?" Now, Johnson wants to produce an album full of the sounds art makes, remixing it, reusing it – sampling, mashing, and chopping it.

Her project titled The Sound of Art is guided by Jasper Johns’s description of the art-making process: "Do something, do something to that, and then do something to that." The Sound of Art will be a limited edition vinyl LP composed of sounds heard in New York galleries, museums, and project spaces. Inspired by classic DJ battle records, it will feature forty tracks of diverse sounds culled from art video, performance footage, and kinetic sculptures. It will be an audio document and a tool to create new sounds and new work.

Work by artists well-known and not-so-well-known. Difficult electronics. Sounds of stampeding animals, Hebrew prayer, a transformer fire, a children's carousel. One hundred carpenters pounding 10,000 nails. Field recordings of recordings by guitar genius John Fahey, and archival sound pieces by the pioneering conceptualist Lawrence Weiner. An iPod drum circle and thoughts on nostalgia. Also, yes, a toy monkey with cymbals.

Sounds have been donated by a large spectrum of artists and venues throughout New York City – everywhere from big fancy museums to odd little project spaces. This is a collaborative project, with dozens of people donating their work and their services. Project Manager Michelle Halabura has been working from Art Fag City headquarters since last spring to make The Sound of Art a reality.

Fundraising consultant Sarah Landreth and BAM visual art curator David Harper have donated their time and skills advising on the campaign.

Matt Madly Azzarto at Think Tank Studio will be producing the record.

Now Johnson needs to make it happen and can do it for $10,000.


Petra Cortright (Internet), Jennie C. Jones, (Sikemma Jenkins) Moyra Davey, (Orchard47) Elias Hansen (Maccarone), Ted Riederer (Marianne Boesky), Cliff Evans (Luxe Gallery), LoVid, (LMCC), Marcin Ramocki (MOMA), Shannon Plumb (Sarah Melzer Gallery), Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller, (Luhring Augustine), John Fahey (AVA), Miriam Stern (Yeshivah University), Jennifer Schmidt (Elizabeth Foundation Project Space), Carolina A. Miranda (Armory show), Tyler Jacobsen and Chris Anderson (Canada), Tom Thayor (White Columns), Luke Murphy (Canada), Joel Holmberg (New Museum), Lawrence Weiner (Whitney Museum), Laura Parnes, (Participant Inc), Brainstormers (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Center).

Andre Avelas (Abrons Art Center), Aron Namenwirth (artMovingProjects), Damien Catera (Hogar Collection), Andy Graydon (LMAK Projects), Sonny Smith (Cinders Gallery), Paul Slocum (artMovingProjects), Heidi Neubauer-Winterburn (Louis V. E.S.P.), Eric Laska (Diapason), Elena Wen (AIR Gallery), Joe McKay (Vertexlist), Heather Dewey-Hagborg (Issue Project Room), Peter Dobill (English Kills), Douglas Henderson (Pierogi), Robert McNeill (MonkeyTown), Erick Zuenskes (Real Fine Arts), Wayne Hodge (Fivemyles), Ranjit Bhatnagar and Nick Yulman (Coney Island Museum), Lara Kohl (PS.1), Mike Koller and MTAA (McCarren Park).

Give and Listen!

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