Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today being 10/10/10, I had to do a little round up for we've been busy drawing on the utopic. Yesterday, although I did not attend, I did listen to Creative Time's Summit: REVOLUTIONS IN PUBLIC PRACTICE. I found it thought provoking and inspiring. It is possible to join in and listen and review previous discussions are on their event site site.

Last night I began installing a mixed media sculpture, titled "Be Nice to Everybody," at a wonderful little space in Harlem called Azucarera. The show is being curated by Jenny Burgos and features work by Livia Corona and Shelton Walsmith.

I snapped a few pictures last night of the installation and I will snap and write more as the show comes together This is Jenny's curatorial debut. I LOVE Azucarer'a statement of purpose; AZUCARERA is an artist run gallery in the historic Sugar Hill neighborhood in Harlem, NYC. Exhibits at AZUCARERA emphasize the creative work of new and emerging artists who identify as women of color, indigenous, LGBTQ/Two Spirit, working class, and/or feminist, as well as allies. AZUCARERA is a transnational, multigenerational space that recognizes and celebrates the artistic work that energizes and sustains our diverse communities.

The space is run by Nova Gutierrez, a Chicana artist originally from South Texas, opened AZUCARERA in June 2009. She has lived and worked in NYC as an artist and educator since 1994. Hamilton Heights (West Harlem) has been her home for over 10 years.

Jenny, the curator, prepping the space, Nova, gallery director in the background, inspecting the wall.

Kenneth Browne's paintings from the previous show, he was just profiled in an article by Hrag Vartanian on his and hubby Veken
Veken Gueyikian's Hyperallergic.

2 of my mini models top and bottom

and Shelton Walsmith painting before installation.

Happy birthday Grant!

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