Thursday, October 7, 2010

Inventions, sculptures, performances, small moments

Last week I had the honor of teaching alongside William Powhida ("MR. POWHIDA" if you are in his high school art class). Mr. Powhida has been instructing his students to make sketchbooks, use stencils, examine pattern, and draw in a silent, reflective, all over way.

I brought all my rulers to his class along with my favorite pencils, graph paper and thoughts on using drawing as a way to connect with the inner psyche and to allow for accidents. I told the students that I manipulate my straight edges so that they are crooked because "life is not a straight line." (This is a main tenant of my artistic belief system.) (I also believe that other artists should buy other artist's work but that lecture was given to another class taught be William Powhida with Jen Dalton!)

After I left the class in the skilled hands of Powhida, he was kind of enough to send me some feedback from my day of sketch-booking lessons. One student commented that "she made feel like I was making art." The students further discussed "life isn't a straight line," which Powhida felt was a good point of departure for his students. His students are currently making a collage a day. I'm looking forward to seeing what these high school artists came up.

After school, it was off to MoMA for the opening of the AB Ex show, amazingly reviewed by Roberta Smith. Pictures below from walking through the exhibit with art aficionado and viewing pal. Thanks Lyn and thanks Jason for getting me into the place!

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