Friday, September 2, 2011

SPACES in Cleveland

Last Friday night when I was passing through Ohio, I stopped in Cleveland for an opening at the venerable non-profit, alternative art space in Cleveland called SPACES. This is how they are described: "non-profit, artist-run, alternative space gallery that has given over 6000 artists an arena in which to present challenging new ideas."

So let's take a look:
a listing of some of the shows

a gallery shot

the other side of the gallery

catalog gallery

the kids area

took this one for Brece, it's by artist Joan Waltemath, who is the subject of Sharon Butler's blog Two Coats of Paint today!!! Read and enjoy:

A close-up of Beat Zoderer (Zurcih, Switzerland) Randerscheinung, 2011, Acrylic on wood

Russell Maltz (New York, NY) Aqua Shift, 2002 Paint on Plywood

In the Vault a leftover from the previous tentant and a recent brainstorm from the new director, they showcase videos!

The gallery is so well organized with exhibition lists and names and detailed delineations!

Friend and artist and SPACES board member Arnie Tunstall

For snacks they have a local food truck join the opening! They just think of everything in Cleveland!

Good night Cleveland!

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