Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Revisiting Rico Gatson

In 2008 we showed Rico Gatson at Pocket Utopia.  Quoting the press release here: "a video reloads and repeats a running sequence revealing the “connection,” and a painted platform becomes a social construction.  Gatson shines a light into our collective blackness and reflects a variety of cultural realities where minimalism and the Black Panther Party are on the same plane."

I am reminded of Gatson because one of the sources of his "connection" is playing this week, remastered, at Film Forum.  It's the French Connection and it starts tonight and runs through September 22nd.  In "THE WEEK AHEAD," the New York Times wrote that the film contains "perhaps the most feverish car-versus-subway chase scene ever shot."  

Gatson used a foot chase scene from the film for his video piece titled "If He Hollers."  Pictured above.  We will all have an opportunity to see this piece again, projected large at a retrospective of Rico Gatson's work opening at Exit Art on September 30th.  Gatson has also curated a show of video works at Famous Accountants titled "Per-son-age," and quoting their press release:

"Per-son-age is an exhibition of videos in which the artist is the primary performer.  Historically artists such as Bruce Nauman, Adrian Piper, Hannah Wilke and Nayland Blake to name a few, have performed in “person” in their videos.  This exhibition presents video where the artist is central to the work, serving as translator or interpreter of the world in which we live.  The artist’s actions reveal process, depict rituals, express something profound or abstract and expose systems at work, featuring: Elaine AngelopoulosRico GatsonDan HerschleinLars KremerChris LarsonEllie MurphyClifford OwensLaura ParnesBrittany Prater, and Marc A. Robinson."

"Per-son-age," with it's strong grouping of artists, is having a closing this Sunday, September 18th, from 3pm to 6pm, as their invitation states:

"Lot's of toasting will ensue at Famous Accountants from 3 to 6! We will toast Rico Gatson's amazing show, Per-son-age, which closes on this day. And we will toast Austin Thomas. Because it's her birthday! Yay!

Take the M train to Myrtle/Wyckoff. We're a block and a half away. (Avoid the L train. It's messed up again this Sunday.)

I love Rico and Famous Accounts!  And after the celebrations, I'm going to go see the French Connection! Yay!

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