Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sketching Anew

As I embark on a new series of sketchbooks, I'm filling and stacking them up, I've been grounding elements of my drawing process in the writings of post-structuralist French philosopher Jacques Derrida, particularly his book titled Of Grammatology. In researching Of Grammatology, I came across a great blog by John Weeden, the Executive Director of UrbanArt whose organization's mission is to enhance the cultural vibrancy of Memphis through the development of public art. I thought this was an auspicious discovery as I working in earnest on my first Percent for Art project, creating art for the Humboldt Street Plaza in front of the historic Moore Street Market.

John Weeden's post titled "Art Risk Fun" was where I came across his reference of Derrida and where Weeden's tells us, "So, don't be afraid to depart the stages and take performances to the sidewalks..." This is excellent advice as I research ways to turn a sketchbook drawing into an art piece along a plaza (conceptual model below, proposal stage):

Back to sketching, reading and guiding Maddie on all things real artworld.

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Barbara Campbell Thomas said...

Wonderful, wonderful drawings!