Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The blogging intern explores the art world.

During my excursion to the Upper East Side to see the John Currin Show I saw a few others shows including Joe Colman’s Auto-Portrait Show and Recent paintings by John Zinsser. Among the art I saw, there some pieces that really related to the work I have been doing, which got me excited because it showed that there is an area in the real art world for my own art. For instance, Damien Hirst's Pills piece currently in the entrance to the Gogasian Gallery on Madison Avenue, and Joe Coleman’s new Auto Portrait Show, were he has drawn portraits and surrounded each person with things that describe them. Both Hirst’s and Coleman’s pieces reminded me of the photo I had up for my last blog post, of the pills and the portrait of my dad surrounded by the things in his life. It was incredibly interesting to see pieces of art being now that are of the same nature I am doing now, while still a student, it was very validating.

I also I did studio visit to Rena Teratani's studio. She is going to have a show in June, her first solo show, which is extremely exciting! I truly enjoy her work. She makes abstract drawings of tight lines, small shapes and other lines interrupting already existing filled space. It gives off a great deal of emotion, particularly feelings of stress and frustration. While it is abstract, Rena's work seems to have some city or metropolis feel, as if we are looking down on at New York City; the overwhelming amount of buildings and people in such a small space. It makes you understand the true impact of line and mark makings.

Seeing Rena get all her ideas in place for her first show was crazy, because once you get your first show in a sense you have made it as an artist. You have essentially got over the first hill, but there always so many more things you must do to continue to be a real artist. But after this week, I can finally say confidently it is possible to be an artist, it just takes lots of time, money and commitment.

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