Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Maybe this is a good day...

Maybe this is a good start reading Canada's Globe and Mail? Thinking about Canada...

And thinking about an interesting art patronage program in France, which is spreading to Italy Canada, called the New Patrons. I went to a dinner party last night to see if there was a possibility of starting it here. And since today is a good day to...I think I should start it here today, New Patrons, USA!

If I understood all those french art lovers correctly, if a community has a problem that needs solving, like an old building is bringing them down (as in falling down), then they contact the New Patrons, who in turn contact a curator, which they refer to as mediators, who then work with the community, which are referred to as patrons, to pick an artist, to solve the problem. Voila!

I think the New Art Patrons is about agency, fixing, making things better, and placing art within a community context. So be an agent of change in your own community, don't wait to be asked by a group of mediators, go a fixin. There's a lot to fix out there! Report back.

Keeping up with postings of pictures from the studios of the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, here are pictures from Jimbo Blachy's studio, with pictures of his boat in progress that he is working on with his often time collaborator Lytle Shaw. Also from the 9th floor, Marjorie Welish. In Majorie's studio light reflects on blue and rectangles. Observation: artists on the street side of the building are affected by the light, the space of it and they like blue, see Jane Kent's post, "Tinged in Blue." Back to working on the fixins.

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