Friday, February 12, 2010

Online Stumbling

When it's cold outside, there's always art looking online. A stand out, Nicholas Byrne, shows off some nice looking painting in London at Vilma Gold. Online looking always takes me to James Wagner's blog and then of course to the tireless, James Kalm and his videos of art openings. Then it's on to more distractions; Sharon Butler's Two Coats of Paint is always informative, well-written and insightful (although she makes me feel a little lazy), and then I go check out what's going on in LA, LA art happenings bring me to a review of the now cllosed but not forgotten Smockshop endeavors, and finally I rest my eyes on VVORK.

Additional inspirational reading here: Fritz Haeg His Sundown Salon pictured above.

And thinking about the High Desert Test Sites.

Now it's off to the ski New Jersey!

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