Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dance on Camera

I was lucky to catch the tail end of the Dance on Camera festival and the debut of Michael Blackwood's film New York Dance: States of Performance.

Blackwood interviews seven choreographers: Christopher Wheeldon, Jennifer Monson, Sara Michelson, John Jasperse, Ralph Lemon, Beth Gill and Ann Liv Young, who express their ideas and dance aesthetic in rehearsal and performance.

It was Ann Liv Young pictured above as Snow White (the naked version) that stole the show in the film. While the other choreographers were discussing being post, post modern and spending money or not, Ann Liv Young was having sex on stage as a naked, pregnant Snow White and it still looked liked dance but it was really funny. Young has amazing stage presence and she told me that she's working on a version of Cinderella! I'm a fan.

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