Thursday, February 4, 2010

BookS of Pages: New Work by Mira Schor

BookS of Pages: New Work by Mira Schor
Feb 1th – 26th, M-F 12-6 Opening Feb 4th, 6-8pm

Fragile paper, the page as an iconic image, or as template for modular painting installations on page-sized canvases, and the notebook as both a sculptural object and as a primary site for investigative drawing have been constants in Mira Schor’s art work for many years. Since 2007 she has intensified her use of a variety of small notebooks to develop ideas for her paintings of empty thought balloons as clouds, as self-portraits, and as figures in a spare landscape of thoughts. As part of Schor’s strong affinity with narrativity, each notebook improvises its own narrative as ink bleeds through from one page to the other, setting into motion the next set of drawings. In BookS of Pages Schor presents digital prints of some of the hi-resolution scans of individual page spreads that she has created, so that she can make visible the intimate spaces of these notebooks, altering the scale of the image from the intimate to the public while maintaining the physical integrity and privacy of the original notebooks

Opening Feb 4th, 6-8pm
Exhibition dates Feb 1th – 26th, M-F 12-6
February 1, open at 11am
Melville House Bookstore
Tues to Sun, 12 to 6pm

Mira Schor is a painter and writer living in New York City.

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