Thursday, February 4, 2010

j. morgan puett

All images from J. Morgan Puett's website.

Just perusing her website can lead to hours of inspiration, may I present: j. morgan puett

Tonight there will be a closing reception for J. Morgan Puett exhibition and artist residency at Alexander Gray Associates, starting this afternoon at 4:00 pm and lasting until 6:00 pm.

For the past four weeks, J. Morgan Puett has been working at Alexander Gray Associates in her concept of “workstyles”, an integrative approach to artmaking, lifestyle, sustainability, and industrial life; {of, with, as, for, them, and, it} Workstylings.
In the gallery space, Puett works with a moving platform of burnt wood and steel, on which a tableau of personal artifacts and research materials are gathered: books, sewing machines, measuring tools, antique textiles, benches, chairs, shelves and surfaces. Hand pressed invitation were sent to those who have contributed to Puett’s life and work: artists, designers, performers, scientists, academics, business leaders and journalists. Allowing the work to evolve organically, the installation changed daily, as emotions, stories, objects and texts were considered and arranged by Puett and the participants. This approach further implements Puett’s commitment to community activity, shared experience, and exchanged labor. The experience has enabled Puett to continue her on-going investigations on the history and changing frameworks of fashion and retail. The result has been an intensive research stage and development, with emphasis on patterns for a new clothing design and fabric-based artworks incorporating algorithms developed in the process. Puett has set the groundings for this piece to move to the Queens Museum of Art with support from the Smithsonian Institution’s Artist Research Fellowship Program where it will continue to take shape into what will be a new clothing system.

Since 2006, Puett has re-imagined community and learning environments through her summer project, Mildred’s Lane, a hybridized art education institute and residency program co-founded with Mark Dion in rural Pennsylvania; this approach to collaborative practice has also taken place at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Headlands Center for the Arts/California College of Arts.

J. Morgan Puett (b. 1957, Hahira, GA) emerged in the mid-1980s in New York as a celebrated fashion designer, rising to prominence for her hand-made and richly textured clothing, and for the quirky and patinated environments she designed as stores and creative generators in SoHo and TriBeCa neighborhoods until 2001. Since then, she has focused her endeavors on large-scale collaborative projects that extend her interest in the cultural manifestations of fashion and site; projects have been commissioned by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Santa Barbara Contemporary Art Forum; the Abington Art Center, Philadelphia; Mass MoCA, North Adams, MA; Artex, Arnhern, Amsterdam; The Fabric Workshop Museum, Philadelphia; Wave Hill, Bronx, New York; the Serpentine Gallery, London; and the 2002 Spoletto Festival in Charleston, South Carolina. Puett received her BFA and MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago.

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