Thursday, October 9, 2008

What do you Vote for...

Sal Randolph invites all of you to participate in a small public intervention, "Vote Change Write-in."

"Vote Change Write-in" is a pair of street stickers. One says "What do you vote for?" and the other, "What do you want to change?" Each has a large write-in box for public comment.

They are simultaneously a celebration and critique of electoral politics, a prod to vote and an invitation towards imagination and participation that go beyond a few minutes at the ballot box.

Put them up yourself, or pass them around to friends. Add your own comments, or leave them blank for public write-ins.

If you'd like to play with these, just send Sal your postal address and she'll put some in the mail to you pronto.

On this occasion we'd also to announce that Sal Randolph and Christine Castsifas are both Pocket U pals and are exhibiting this weekend at Good Children Gallery in New Orleans

Christine Castsifas "Territories," featuring collage-based work in which image and text are reassembled into incommunicable, internal landscapes.

And Sal Randolph's Library of Art

"Library of Art" is an eight volume set of books: "Material," "Process," "Structure," "Action," "Situation," "Duration," and "Color," each contain words or sentence fragments that can be combined to form an almost infinite number instructional artworks. An eighth book, "Participation" is left blank for anyone to record the works they create.

The beginning of an already-futile attempt to contain the world, the Library of Art looks at language as a magic trick - out of the immateriality of language you can make realities and then realities can collapse back into language. The thing and the name of the thing: we know they are from fundamentally different orders of being. And yet! Presto change-o! We can go from one to the other in an instant.

The Library of Art is inspired by algorithms and recipes, by Fluxus event scores, instructional works and the legalistic descriptive captions of conceptual art (the work of Barry, Cage, Kaprow, Knowles, Lozano, Ono, Weiner and others). By reanimating instructional art in the form of a library of possibilities, the hope is to open up authorship and let art be a game that everyone plays.

This exhibition of "Library of Art" was instigated by Austin Thomas of Pocket Utopia in collaboration with Christine Catsifas.

Good Children Gallery
4037 St Claude Ave
New Orleans, LA 70117
ph: (504) 975-1557

Exhibition dates: October 11- 27, 2008
Opening reception: Saturday October 11, 6pm – 9pm
Gallery Hours: 12pm – 5pm, Saturday and Sunday

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