Sunday, October 19, 2008

Protect the Vote

Volunteering for voter protection is truly working on the front lines of democracy!

In an election that is bringing so many new and first-time voters into the process, the help that lawyers and law students can provide to voters on Election Day is enormous and very meaningful.

A newly registered voter in Pennsylvania who said that he wanted to vote for Barack Obama wrongly assumed he couldn't because he had lost the voter registration card that had been sent to him by the County. Other folks think they can not vote for Barack Obama in the general election because they are not registered Democrats.

And with massive turnout expected and the voter suppression efforts under way by the McCain campaign, the need for a deep army of lawyers and law students to help promote and protect the vote is truly significant.

The campaign and DNC have set up an unprecedented voter protection program. More volunteers are needed. And there is a particular need for folks who live in or are willing to travel to Ohio. Folks are strongly encouraged to travel to Ohio for the weekend, do get-out-the vote activities on the weekend and Monday, and then volunteer as a voter protection poll observer on Election Day.

The sign up is here:

Voter protect in Pennsylvania here

more here

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