Monday, October 20, 2008

Looking for...

After 3 days of open studio, I'm am trying to replenish the muse, that left the building after the unteenth time someone asked me, "why graph paper." I still can't manage a response, but I have found some muse juice out there to quench my thirst. Here's some refreshments, drink up:

Esopus Magazine, particularly Robert Guest's daily letters to his two children, 15 years worth! They're featured on the cover and above.

I discovered this magazine, with all its letters on the weblog hi and low, which is always visually inspiring (and they often use graph paper).

And, of course there's the community arts network, a grounding read,

and lots of Halloween-inspired treats on the crafty cow,

then it's off to roberta fallon and libby rosof's artblog,

more eye candy and worthy indulgences at aesthetic outburst's site,

and lastly, the New Yorker , so I can leave the studio well informed if not brilliantly creative!

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