Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So far from the road

Sorry to be out of touch, I'm driving across the west, In Arizona, now and on my way to Texas in about a half hour!  I am setting up my old perch sculptures thus far around the west! 

I had these sculptures in storage for 10 years after I showed them in LA.  En route to Texas, in pictures below:

It's about 6:45 am and we are at friends Aurelie Sheehan and Reed Karaim (writers who fell in love at a residency we were all at together).  Today we drive to Marfa and install Perch Three!!!)

from the Storage Unit Where they have been for 10 years!

Loaded Up, Jason Andrew doing the heavy lifting!!!

The truck - 1901.8 miles - begin

The passenger, installer, assistant 
setting one up in Joshua Tree


Bernard Leibov sitting a top.

Perch One
Location of Perch Two.

Perch Two will get set later after the site is prepared and it will be renamed "Quail Perch"

a desert visitor to Perch number Two

Back on the road!!  

One more Perch sets set up today in Marfa!!!

xoxox, see you next week,



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