Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Epic Journey...

Now for the next epic journey, aah...not the new Pocket Utopia journey, that's an easy one, you just take the F train to East Broadway. No, I'm talking about the PERCHES IN STORAGE IN LA.  Yes, I am going to get them!  The plan is to fly to LA and pick them up.

Hopefully they are still there because I tried to give them away on Craig's list a few years ago, but the nice people decided not collect them.  They didn't really want to perch, they just wanted to know how to show their work in New York.

So off I go with a truck or trailer and Jason Andrew.  First stop: Joshua Tree (hello and goodbye LA).  In JT, we will go to Bernard Leibov at "BoxoHOUSE."  There we will fuel-up on vegetarian chili and set-up a perch for Bernard and his ever expanding art outpost.  At BoxoHOUSE in Joushua Tree and at BoxOFFICE in NY, Bernard is engaged in an interesting artistic dialogue concerned with the idea of frontiers, freedoms, and various creative conduits.

After Joshua Tree, we will head to Marfa, for more perch placement, details to come, and then finally to San Antonio for the final perch drop-off, and then back home perchless.  I'll have to make another perch when I get back, oh, wait, I'll just take the F train to East Broadway!!

Perch pics below:

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