Friday, April 13, 2012

Roger Hodge takes to the road

While I put the finishing touches on my journey behind the wheel of a Budget Rental Truck, loaded up with Perches, Rodge Hodge has just returned from his most recent road trip through the Texan and Arizona deserts.  Roger's recent excursion is just one of several planned as he researches the whereabouts of his family history set within a more ancient and known landscape.

Roger's pictures below (wide views, reflections, close-up cave shots, and touches of blue with hints of discovery):

All of the photos below can be better viewed bigger on
Painted Shelter, near the Pecos River.

Devils River, downstream view.

Painted Shelter, red monochrome style.

Cedar Springs Shelter, approach. (Roger Hodge, going where Google does not.)

Cedar Springs Shelter.

Cedar Springs Shelter, Pecos River style.

Close-up. Cedar Springs shelter, red linear style.

Halo Shelter, Pecos River style.

Descent to Halo Shelter.

Approaching Halo Shelter.

Halo Shelter, left.

Halo Shelter, center.

Halo Shelter, right.

Halo Shelter, detail.

Halo Shelter (see more at

The last Halo Shelter, for now.

Roger: we look forward to seeing more from the road.

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