Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Magic of Bushwick

It was hard returning to the "real" world after a weekend of art and magic in Bushwick during this past weekend's open studios.  (I usually want to off myself after open studios at the Elizabeth Foundation, sorry, but it's true).  Then, I had a revelation reading Harry Porter tonight to Grant (we are on book 3, Prisoner of Azkaban).

Bushwick is Hogwarts, Chelsea and by extension most everything else (except for Camp Pocket U., parts of Cleveland, maybe Joshua Tree, and Kay's house) is the Muggle world.  Everything now makes so much sense!!

Kevin Regan is Dumbledore, Jason is Professor Snape.  Matthew Miller with his scar is Harry Potter!  It's a toss up, who might be Hermione, either Julie Torres or Amy Lincoln (except Amy has a bit of the Slytherin in her).  Mike and Grant are Muggles, although Grant could change, there's still hope.  Sharon Butler is Professor McGonagall, teacher of "Transfiguration!"

Ben is Hagrid.  Hrag is Draco Malfoy and Veken is Vincent Crabbe!  Brece is Professor Pomona Sprout!  Continuing (and I know I shouldn't) Larry Gagosian is Lord Voldemort (he who should not be named) and Klaus Biesenbach is Sirius Black!  I didn't bother to do links because there's already enough here.  Oh, who am I?  I'm the author...Book one, Pocket Utopia, Book Two is Camp Pocket U., and the third is the Moore Street Market!  Stayed tuned, in the fourth book, we take on the directors of Grace Space!

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Barbara Campbell Thomas said...

Couldn't help but enjoy this post being that I am amidst book 5 of the HP world--have been thinking about beginning them with my own 6 year old boy.