Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blogging from the Market to your Door

In Pictures, here's a tour of the Moore Street Market this morning, the beginning of my new project, "Meet me at the Market," another Pocket Utopia, a delineation of social space, take a look:

 art class prep
 art class materials
 Bushwick Open Studio Materials
 this a beautiful pink metaphor, crush holding up a shelf
 got to love handwritten signs
 Julie Torres's wall of paintings leads to Brece's knitted installation
Close up of Julie
Another Julie close up
 Brece close up
 Brece's knitting
 Brece and Julie discuss a yarn
 Market sign
 serving up green peas!
Farmcart's pastries

Liz Atzberger's "Pinata" Sculpture

Michele Lopez serving free coffee

Julie and Manny

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