Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Make it interesting

interesting (to me)

Whenever I feel like I am being strangled by other artists, meaning I'm getting too many requests to assist other artists in their own career building, I ALWAYS get an email like this one:

As I passed my 60th birthday, I cannot escape the feeling of just beginning. I have had success in the commercial art field - enough to make most artists happy - yet I have always felt it was never enough. My most recent endeavor was to paint 150 ads for Grande Absente, parodying most of the major art movements. Being paid to learn the painting techniques of the best painters the world has ever seen has been absolutely amazing. (Or should I say Absolut amazing because one of the ads I did for them is in the Smithsonian.) During this process I constantly wondered what I would evolve into as a painter. I could not see me echoing anything I had already done or anything anyone else has done. And I certainly wanted to take art to the next level; I mean I drank enough Absente to bond with my predecessors. I wanted to paint like no one else has ever painted before.
The life size box people (latest ones are being scaled down) are quite frankly my new art form.
If you feel this work is not suited to your needs, any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated.
John Pacovsky
Artists, artists, artists!  What people find interesting about you!  When you figure it out by yourself, in your own special way, you've made art (and I can't always be there to help or rather get in line).  

So, "tweet" it yourself, although I don't mind shouting out about you when you shout out about me, that's called conversation.  I also don't mind doing things for other artists when it's reciprocated, that's called community.
Now let's focus on you John Pacovsky, since mothers of six year old boys have so much extra time (where are my bon bons).  John, curate a show of your peers where you live, make something interesting for yourself and others (go ahead I dare you, make a community).  Make it interesting, so I might want to tweet or write about it.  Do something different and people will notice you.  Make it interesting (oh I said that already but it's obviously worth repeating).  Don't ask me, to make you interesting, that's boring and that's not art.

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