Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thanks so much for your time, and keep up with your art!

Starting this weekend, artists take to the storefronts of Bay Ridge for the second annual 5th Ave Storefront Art Walk (aptly abbreviated as SAW). Pictured above Audra Wolowiec's text message at Bay Ridge's Hot Yoga! A few more artist-friends are participating, in addition to Audra, including Julie Torres, Lars Kremer, and Paul D'Agostino.

SAW's goal is to support and promote emerging Brooklyn artists while celebrating local Bay Ridge businesses and to broadly explore the interstices between commerce, art and community. The event will run May 16th through June 13th. Walk with the artists and mingle with them afterwards on May 21 starting at 4pm. For more information click here and here to download a map of the area and full list of participating artists. See you out there?

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