Saturday, September 11, 2010


I had the great fortune of paying a quick visit to Greg Kwiatek's studio the other night, a brief and lovely encounter. I am going to try and make more spontaneous visits to the 70 odd studios at the Elizabeth Foundation. Since I moved into a studio at EFA a few years ago, I've been wanting to visit all the studios and will plan out a journey through the floors. The plotting is something my new intern might be able to help me with, Maddie, who's here for a semester from Ohio Wesleyan and part of a program that pairs students with folks from different fields in the arts, including theater, TV, fashion, and visual art.

Maddie and I are going to doing an etching project together and in preparing for this we met another lovely artist named Donna Diamond. Donna also has a blog and recently produced a beautiful children's book, titled the Shadow. Speaking of blogs, I continue to relish all things AZ West from Andrea's blog. She is currently on a research-oriented vacation, take a look.

Looking ahead, I'm getting very excited for the next show at Famous Accountants, titled Alvin Baltrop: Color Photographs 1971–1991. One of his recently discovered images pictured above.

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Kevin Regan said...

As I mentioned on FB, this Alvin Baltrop photo is a fave in a show that's full of faves. It was shot circa 1980. The show, which consists of of 85 images, is, among other things, an amazing portrait of New York — circa 1980.