Sunday, September 26, 2010

The blogging intern: Printmaking Class

beginning Etching

The other week I took a beginners printmaking etching class at the Robert Blackburn Printmaking workshop with Jennifer Melby. Taking the class was such a treat because I was able to make prints, which is what I have wanted to do at school, but have not been able to do so far. For the class I was given a plate 12 by 12 inches and I cut it up into 3 small plates and 2 medium size ones. And the class was 2 days of 3 hours each, but then we are given 6 extra hours in the printmaking studio, which is fabulous.

On Friday Austin gave me the day to make some art in the printmaking studio to use some of the time I had. It was great I was able to finish drawing what I wanted to etch and then actually fully etch and print a few more prints. I have the 2 larger plates left to etch. I am hoping to make the 2 plates connect in some way, once they will be printed, either a pattern that crosses over to the other plate or portraits of a couple. The portraits seem to be a theme in most of the work I have done so far.

It has just been real interesting to explore the world of etching and printmaking. And I believe sometime after Austin finishes her next project she might join in on a class with me, which will be wonderful, the mentee and mentor trying something new.

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