Thursday, September 16, 2010

The blogging intern: #2 Governor's Island

Governor’s Island Trip

Sunday everyone in the program went on another trip to Governor’s Island to the Art Fair. It was actually nice since the day wasn’t beautiful so it was not so crowded. There were so many different types of art it amazed me; I thought it was just neat to have them all at one place.

A few of the artists really caught my eye; one of them was Kiseok Kim, who does paintings with oil and acrylic to the point of perfection. I cannot do that so it is so amazing to see people who can do things you can’t obviously. Kim put’s porcelain faced people on a large-scale canvas with patterns that are psychedelic for the background.

Another one that called out to me is Wanda Acosta Gallery, she has wonderful pictures of everyday life in different parts of the world. It is always so interesting to see what other people see on a daily basis, compared to your self. It is also completely different then Kiseok Kim’s pieces because unlike the perfectionist quality of paint, the daily life is perfectly messy and different for each person.

Daehyuk Sim’s work is so precise, it really gives the feel of the human figure, in every way, shape and form. The way you are able to basically feel the bone brushing against the skin in the paintings are just unbelievable. He truly understands the human figure.

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