Sunday, May 9, 2010


Looking ahead and behind, around and up. First off, I love this Youtube segment on Adam Simon by James Kalm. Next up, James Wagner's blog just hit the 8th year mark! Sharon Butler puts a plug in for Camp Pocket U.

Cildo Meireles and Manfred Pernice are keeping me company on the couch tonight while I'm reading Paul Chan's "The Unthinkable Community," from e-flux journal #16. It's cold in herebut my computer actually feels good tonight.

My boys have just returned from their weekend away. They're cold too having just got off the bus. One boy, the child, not the husband has pied in his pants. Meditation over. Run a bath, whip up something to eat and get'em warmed up! Time to spin around, off the couch!

pictured above, 3 Chairs, installation 2005, seems apt for this evening (wood and paper)

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