Saturday, August 8, 2009


I'm back from the road and stumbling around wondering what happen to my metro card. I wasn't sure what direction to go into today and luckily found myself on a pedestrian-friendly Park Avenue, part of Summer Streets, so I walked downtown from East 68th Street. It turned out I didn't need a metro card.

Along the way, I came upon Tara Donovan on display at Lever House. Her installation is worth walking for and there are some good pictures of the installation process on the Lever House website.

Walking and looking at art inspired me to start organizing other pedestrian-friendly art walks, emphasis on friendly, around Bushwick with stops at Deborah Brown's, Mary Judge's, and Kevin Regan's studios, followed by drinks at Tandem. After a Bushwick Art Stumble part 1, for there will be a part 2, I'll plan a walk through the Lower East Side, with stops at Sal Randolph's studio with a behind the scenes look at the New Museum and a stop at Sunday gallery, and of course libations at Alias.

Then an art walk through Dumbo, beginning with a stop at my favorite gallery there Kris Graves Projects, finishing up with drinks and tacos at Pedros. Of course, I'll plan a walk around the Elizabeth Foundation with drinks and snacks in studio #706. With "Art Stumbings," my "Excuse me, you have art in your teeth" salon goes a walkin.

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