Friday, August 21, 2009

Cooking rather than eating

I'd rather cook than eat and I'd rather make art than...(fill in the blank). While on the road this summer, I have learned to travel with recipes.

Before going away again, this time to California, I planned and executed an art tour, the first of many to be titled art stumbles, and made room in my studio for a "sitter." Silvina, while I write, sits and works, I'm guessing on the floor of my studio. I also facilitated the listing of new prints on my Esty site by Brece and I'll post one later. My new print pictured above, is titled "a lot with a little." I'd say that "a lot with a little" is my art-making, road-traveling, cooking to satisfaction theme. All prints are $20.00.

There's one recipe I do not leave home without and that is, from Oprah's cookbook, for blueberry buckle. It is a real crowd pleaser, I prefer to make it in a pyrex pie pan. There's also one motto I make art by and that is that the contemporary context for an artist (at least this artist) is contribution. Dig in to the pie and make art that gives.

a blurry-stumble from the first art tour through Bushwick, pictured below showsDeborah Brown's studio

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