Friday, August 14, 2009

Studio Siting

Silvina Arismendi visited my studio the other night and we've mapped out her work area. Silvina will be "studio sitting," from August 18th through September 1st, making her own studio from the floor and the hallway.

Brece Honeycutt has listed a new Byproduct of her art practice on our Etsy site. Her piece, pictured above, is titled "two sisters--yarn drawing." Byproducts happens in the studio like opportunistic weeds growing in the garden.

I'm reading an Ellsworth Kelly review from a 2002 Brooklyn Rail article and researching Wallace's Steven's Emperor of Ice Cream. I'm trying to create a communique between modernism and an equalitarian futuristic freespace. I want to make something imaginative and sensitive. As Stevens, said, "It takes very little to experience the variety in everything."

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