Sunday, April 19, 2009


Art-making is about now-making.

Above are pictures of Pocket Utopia which is occupied by the artists in residence for the next 2 weeks.

Pocket Utopia is pleased to present a two-week international artist residency organized by Omar Lopez-Chahoud and culminating in a one-day exhibition. The participating artists are: Silvina Arismendi (Uruguay), Mauricio Limon (Mexico), and the collaborative team of Martin y Sicilia (Canary Islands). Pocket Utopia will be open daily allowing the public to view work in progress and meet the artists.

Silvina Arismendi’s work captures personal and private moments as she navigates through her living space, cataloguing the things around her. Arismendi is interested in making conceptual work that triggers ideas rather than creating objects.

Mauricio Limon creates urban landscape drawings that explore the ills of population growth. Limon’s drawings capture the unfinished concrete block houses, public landfills, and construction sights of Mexico City. Limon also makes portraits of marginal people, particularly those who have slipped into dementia or other altered mental states triggered by such living conditions.

Martin y Sicilia (José Martin and Javier Sicilia) have been working as an artistic duo since 1995. Their work is mainly pictoral and photographic. The tradition of painting converges with photography, cinema and advertising as Martin y Sicilia produce theatrical installations. Martin y Sicilia’s recurrent themes are the disappearing accountability of societies--especially political entities--issues of migration and immigration and how popular culture reshapes new political realities.

Opens April 29 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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