Thursday, April 16, 2009

Buying art the old fashioned way--benefit auction!

momenta art
benefit 2009

preview at momenta
359 bedford avenue
brooklyn, ny
april 24 – may 3 thur-mon, 12-6

auction & raffle at sara meltzer gallery
525-531 w. 26th street, new york, ny
wednesday, may 6th
preview work starting at 12pm
event begins at 5pm
auction at 6:30 pm followed by raffle

ticket price: $225 each
a ticket guarantees you a work of art and entrance for two to the silent auction and raffle drawing 
held at sara meltzer gallery on may 6 ($50 discount on tickets ordered before april 24).

Auction Artists:

Kamrooz Aram
Adam Fowler
Joanne Greenbaum
Mary Heilmann
Chris Martin 
Dan Walsh
Michael Waugh
Rob Wynne
The Brodsky Center 
for Innovative Editions
Femfolio featuring 
work by Emma Amos
Eleanor Antin
Nancy Azara
Betsy Damon
Mary Beth Edelson
Lauren Ewing
Harmony Hammond
Joyce Kozloff
Diane Neumaier
Faith Ringgold
Miriam Schapiro
Carolee Schneemann
Joan Semmel
Sylvia Sleigh
Joan Snyder
Nancy Spero
May Stevens
Athena Tacha
June Wayne
and Martha Wilson

Raffle Artists:

Alyson Aliano
Amanda Alic
David Ambrose
Kristin Baker
Michael Ballou
John Bjerklie
Josh Blackwell
Andrea Blum
Lee Boroson
Leslie Brack
Joe Bradley
Sarah Braman
Susan Breitsch
Christopher Brooks
Melissa Brown
Lordan Bunch
Ken Butler
Sari Carel
Janice Caswell
Anne Collier
Jeri Coppola
Ethan  Crenson
Mark Dagley
Blane De St. Croix
Steve Defrank
Louise Despont
Jim Dingilian
Marianna Ellenberg
Lori Ellison
Redmond Entwistle
the eteam
Simon Evans
Rochelle Feinstein
Brendan Fernandes
Keltie Ferris
Glen Fogel
Alexa Forosty
Paul Gabrielli 
Chris Gallagher
Marc Ganzglass
Jackie Gendel
Chris Gentile
Bill Gerhard
Tamar Halpern
Kirsten Hassenfeld
Susan Havens
Karen Heagle
Sean Hemmerle
Oliver Herring
Daniel Hill
Alex Hubbard
Andrew Hurst
Yoko Inoue
Jason Irwin
Mathew Paul Jinks
Jane Kaplowitz
Jennifer Karady
Jennifer Keshka
Scott King
Elisabeth Kley
Chelsea Knight
Aaron Krach
Peter Krashes
Larry Krone
Fay Ku
Pam Lins
Michael Mahalchick
Stephen Maine
David Mann
Ari Marcopoulos
Robert Marshall
Patrick Martinez
Keith Mayerson
Tom McGrath
Martin McMurray
Maureen McQuillan
Margery Mellman
John Melville
Terrence Miele
Jeff Morris
Erik Moskowitz and 
      Amanda Trager
James Nelson
Odili Donald Odita
Eung Ho Park
Sean Paul
Ian Pedigo
Leanette Peles
Marsha Pels
Gelah Penn
Gary Petersen
Danica Phelps
Heidi Pollard
Barbara Pollack

Ross Racine
Robert Ransick
Halsey Rodman
Bea Romeo
Kay Rosen
Theo Rosenblum
James Rosenquist
Monique Safford
Rafael Sánchez and 
     Kathleen White
Heidi Schlatter
Mira Schor
Eugene Schroeder
Zoe Saldaña Sheehan
Chelsea Seltzer
Diana Shpungin
Philip Simmons
Judy Simonian
Josh Smith
Suzy Spence
William Steiger
Joshua Stern
Rodger Stevens
Barry Stone
Kikuko Tanaka
Gwenn Thomas
Austin Thomas
Joanna Tully
Joanne Ungar
Kathleen Vance
Venske + Spänle
Sarah Vogwill
Don Voisine
Sarah Walker
Julie Weitz
Alan Wiener
Faith Wilding
Jonas Wood
White Columns Portfolio 
featuring work by 
Peter Doig
Dave Muller
Kay Rosen
and Adam Pendleton

The raffle will also offer a special 
limited edition print by 
Eve Sussman printed by 
Luther Davis – Axelle Editions

Momenta Art presents its fourteenth annual benefit to support its ongoing mission to exhibit the work of emerging and underrepresented artists. A ticket guarantees you a work of art and entrance for two to the silent auction and raffle drawing held at Sara Meltzer Gallery on May 6. Tickets are limited to the number of artworks included. 

Tickets may be ordered online at for a $50 discount through April 24. ORDER NOW AND SAVE.

Momenta’s 2009 benefit will present work by both emerging and known artists. Raffle tickets may be purchased until all the tickets are sold. The work will be on view at Momenta for two weeks, and then it will be re-installed at Sara Meltzer Gallery, located at 525-531 W. 26th Street in Manhattan, for the event.

The benefit event will be held on May 6 beginning at 5PM. At 6:30 PM the live auction will begin, continuing until all works have been offered. After the auction, the raffle will begin, with the first randomnly drawn ticket giving its holder first choice of one work displayed. The drawing will continue with each ticket holder choosing until all tickets are drawn. We recommend that all ticket holders attend the preview and make a wish-list of 20-30 works before being called upon at the event.

As a not for profit exhibition organization, Momenta depends on the contributions of people like you. We sincerely thank all participating artists, ticket buyers and auction bidders for their generous support.

Cary Leibowitz

Raffle Emcees:
Christopher Gaillard
Laura Parnes

Event Sponsors:
Ann Fensterstock
Atelier 4
Luther Davis – Axelle Editions

Eric Heist

Assistant Director:
Michael Waugh

Nicole L Kuprienko
Kikuko Tanaka
Kevin Yu

Benefit Committee:
Daniel Aycock 
Jeff Bailey 
Heather Balke
William Cournoyer
Rochelle Feinstein
Ann Fensterstock
Matthew Higgs
Ingrid Bromberg Kennedy
Nicole Klagsbrun
Sara Meltzer
Erik Moskowitz
Risa Needleman
Sara Jo Romero
Lisa Schroeder
Claude Simard
Herb Tam
Margaret Thatcher
Richard Timperio
Amanda Trager
Alun Williams
Pavel Zoubok
Board members:
Christopher Gaillard
Aunrico Gatson
Elisabeth Kley
Bob Marty
Valerie McKenzie
Laura Parnes
Jude Tallichet

Advisory board members:
Michael Ashkin
Huma Bhabha
James Elaine
Omer Fast
Jason Fox
Kathy Goncharov
Peter Hopkins
Kristin Lucas
Wangechi Mutu
Odili Odita
Janet Phelps
Calvin Reid
Ellen Salpeter

Momenta Art is supported by the Harriet Ames Charitable Trust, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, The Greenwall Foundation, Greenwich Collection, Ltd., The Jerome Foundation, The National Endowment for the Arts, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA), The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and individual contributors.

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