Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Open Late Tonight, Wednesday Nights till 8pm!

Come join us Wednesday evenings during Ellen Letcher's show for dumplings and discussion.
and for:
Lego building on the floor!! We all love our floor at Pocket Utopia!
and for 
Bill Murray? (You never know who might show up!)

Yes, up!!

Come inside.

See something old (how we miss the Frenchmen!)

See Paul's tattoo.

look at my sweet ride (I wish)!

This is a good idea (a beer box).



Yum, Ellen.

And Ellen.

Ahh, where is the sun?!

Yeah, C.G. Boerner, in gold and highly polished. (We'll do fancy cappuccinos together uptown.)

See ya later, jellyfish.

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