Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bushwick Opening Studios (BOS)

Bushwick Open Studios (BOS) presents a community of artists working and working it!

The day started with an El Camino siting.

A bold statement by Ben Godward, looking like something that might come out of my dream 
El Camino ride!

Faintly written, boldly painted, Julie Torres out does herself, with an international show of facebook friends, camping out in Bushwick, making art together, and supporting each other all the way!

Above her work and her name inscribed on the wall, hailing from Australia, Inga Dalrymple

Collaboratively made together!

A Kristen Jensen (one of my favorite Bushwick artists) spied around the neck of some good cool guy.

Oh, it's William Powhida!!

Another Matthew Miller.

Big red dot at Airplane's booth at Jules's Bushwick Basel

Another beautiful show at Studio 10.

Below, start..pictorial tribute Cathy Nan Quilan currently on view at Valentine:

all Cathy, above and below:

Bushwick Open Studios = Beauty.

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