Friday, March 23, 2012

Love Note....

In the "new" demolished Pocket Utopia space with Benay, me and Donald discussing the installation of the "Queen and I."

I met Donald Steele in Hudson, New York while co-organizing a show called Pop-up Gallery Portraits  with Scot Cohen.  Donald is a playwright.  He sent me one of his photographs of the Queen.

Donald Steele, 2012 "The Queen and I"

I liked it and sent it to Hrag Vartanian.  Hrag also liked the images of the Queen.  

Donald's Queens from Hrag's tumblr.

 Donald is a swimmer and so am I.  I ran into him (I did not swam into him) in the slow lane 4 days a week. I saw a few of his plays.  I met Roger, below:
Roger, me and Benay planning out next week's one night grand reopening of Pocket Utopoia.  There's a little bit of John Kenny on the left-hand side.

We all talked about art; Weegee, the current Paul Graham show at Pace, and the Renaissance Portraiture show at the Met.  More Queens came into my inbox.  I decided to reopen Pocket Utopia although some argue it never closed.  We decided to have a show, "The Queen and I," which opens next week, Wednesday, March 28, from 6pm to 8 pm!!  God save the Queen!

Roger's mock-up by for the window.
More planning pics below, which were beautifully shot by Cat Kenny!  Thanks Cat!!

  As Donald says, we're having "fun with Her Highness."


Tiffany Ann Laufer said...

Love the space. Is that Queen made of white chocolate. Maybe it's too close to lunch. She's beautiful. Looks like a wonderful show.

Donald Steele said...

Love the blog. I am enjoying the whole process of putting the show together. Thanks Austin.

Chris Cory said...

You whetted my appetite for the show itself. This is the queen's jubilee, fyi.